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quoteleft Arame seaweed helps to strengthen the body’s Immune System. quoteright

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If we decide to go on fast and we don’t eat anything for a week, then we would probably feel hungry, little thinner and maybe weak. But if we deprive ourself of a sleep for seven days, we won’t be able to function at all...If we try to guess which activity is so important for us that we devote almost one-third of our time for it, probably the first things that come to our mind are...
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Kitchen secrets/Cooking tips

Preparing The Meat

Top blade and top sirloin are the best cuts for kebabs.Butterflying the cubes almost through at the center before marinating creates more surface area so the marinade can penetrate the meat in a shorter amount of time , thus resulting in faster , more flavorful kebabs.This method also produces a less chewy kebab that's easier to eat .Cut the meat into large cubes.Cut each cube almost through at the center,making sure to leave the meat attached on one side.The meat is ready to be marinated.

Green Eating
Eating Pure Green Food

Eating uncooked, unprocessed food is not only healthy, but a good way to remain eco friendly. Left in their natural state, organic fruits and vegetables eliminate the need to use energy in order to cook them. Their nutritional value is an added bonus and can improve overall health. Carrots, avocado and kiwi are a few of the easiest to prepare fruits and vegetables.

The teenage daughter of a friend of mine was selected to attend a highly prestigious school. She was understandably nervous, afraid that she couldn't live up to the lofty standards."All these kids are so smart," she said to her father, as they toured the campus. He tried to reassure her, but she still didn't buy it. Until, that is, she met some of the students. After the initial pleasantries, she revealed that she had lived in Japan for 12 years. The girls were impressed. "That is so awesome," said one. "Does that mean you can speak Chinese?"

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